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All You Need to Know About Auto Shipping

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How to Car Shipping

Where do I start?

A lot of customers ask themselves this question when it comes to shipping their auto. The approach usually begins when you complete your first auto shipping quote. Some of the best advice we offer our customers when deciding which auto shipping company to choose is to first recognize that most of the businesses that are quoting auto shipping rates to you are brokers. The brokers aren’t the actual ones shipping your auto. However, they are looking for a driver that can pick up and deliver your vehicle in the time period you need and at the quoted price.

How to Car Shipping

What's Included in a quote?

If you encounter 1 or 2 auto shipping quotes that are a considerably lower priced compared to most of the other estimates, it’s very likely a “bait and switch”. That company is essentially “low balling” a true estimate simply to get the business right away and then will call you back later stating they can’t find a driver that is willing to work that cheap. It simply comes to realizing that 90% of customers that start with a company find themselves sticking with them, even when that means the selling price jumps up the day before the scheduled pick up.

With VIP Auto Shipping, your quote will be authentic from the start. We know that if we do not find a carrier to transport your car, we do not get paid; it’s a fact. No sales tactics or games, only a honest up-front auto shipping quote and trusted service that you can rely on. We treat and cherish your auto as you would!

How to Car Shipping

What is the Auto Shipping Process?

Once VIP Auto Shipping receives an auto shipping order, our dispatchers begin calling our drivers that have quickly and safely finished the same requested route for us in the past, finding which auto shipping drivers can make the scheduled dates that the customer required.

The day before your car is to be picked up, the driver will contact you to set up an estimated pick-up time.

  • Make sure your auto is in running condition with about a quarter tank of gas. This helps with safety and road weight regulations.
  • Wash and clean out your car. Most drivers allow only a few personal possessions to be in the trunk of the vehicle and they must not be visible. This is to deter any theft.
  • The driver will do an examination upon arrival and write down any dents or scratches on what’s known as a Bill of Lading just before loading the vehicle. It is very important to ensure that you do a thorough examination of the car with the driver during this step and then again at the delivery. In the rare event that there’s any damage, be sure to note it on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign off on the damage. This Bill of Lading is what you must have in order to file an insurance claim. With that being said, you do have the reassurance that the carrier is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Our streamlined and honest business model has made VIP Auto Shipping a top auto shipping company to choose. For this reason we deliver more than 250 autos each week and have preserved nearly a 5 star overall rating on our testimonial reviews, City Search and more. We anticipate having you as yet another happy customer, so call our dispatchers now or complete the auto shipping quote form and get a free auto shipping quote now!

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About Auto Shipping Call Now for

About Auto Shipping

VIP Auto Shipping understands that shipping an auto can be a very challenging task. You may be asking yourself; is my auto going to be safe? How much is it to ship an auto? Is my auto insured while in transit? Do I have to pay for additional insurance? How long will the auto shipping take? Am I able to fill the car with my belongings? These are just a few of the questions you might be asking yourself when choosing to ship a car from one state to another.

An auto for most Americans is their second most valuable possession if they own a home and we at VIP Auto Shipping know the importance of treating your auto as one of our own throughout the entire auto shipping process. Every auto shipping quote we provide is custom fit by our in-house dispatchers, not from a computer! We do our best to ensure the most accurate auto shipping quotes from the moment we first talk with a customer just as we would expect ourselves if we were in their shoes.

Many people seeking auto shipping may receive countless of auto shipping quotes from several auto shipping companies. That’s why we want to welcome you to VIP Auto Shipping where you will find all of the auto shipping information you may need to make an educated decision on why you should use us as your auto shipping company!

Whats the cost of Auto Shipping

How Much does Auto Shipping Cost

The price of shipping an auto is most likely going to be your greatest obstacle when determining whether to ship your vehicle or not. You may be amazed by the answer; but 90% of the time it costs our customers less to hand their car over to an auto shipping company instead of driving the vehicle yourself. Gas, wear and tear, miles put on the car, meals, lodging and transportation time all come into effect when deciding to relocate the vehicle yourself.

Let VIP Auto Shipping make your auto shipping a stress-free task of yours as we will guarantee your satisfaction. A large number of our customers that wound up shipping their auto with us have generally told us we weren’t the least expensive. Lots of people will be shocked by this; however our staff has been trained to thoroughly show each customer the inner workings of the transport business and exactly how we come up with the dollar figure we quoted them. This means that our customers recognize that perhaps ponying up an additional $100 or so may be the difference of getting a reliable auto shipping driver to get their auto shipped in the required time frame.

VIP Auto can frequently offer you the lowest possible car shipping quote which will truly get your vehicle moved – no excuses, no games, and no headaches – just an accurate and honest auto shipping quote! Please note that the cost to ship a car will differ based on the location from major roads, auto type, route and season.

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How Much does Auto Shipping Cost

Auto Shipping Safety and Security

While accidents related to auto shipping do occur, the industry’s record is surprisingly efficient and safe. Officials have pointed out that the vast majority of accidents and damage losses are caused by human error rather than equipment failure.

As it so happens, auto shippers are involved in the fewest number of fatal crashes when compared with other cargo haulers. In 2005 the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that out of 4,932 fatal accidents involving large trucks, 31 were auto shippers, or 0.6 percent. In the same study reported for 2006, the agency found that 4,732 fatal accidents involving large trucks, only 40 were auto shippers, or 0.8 percent [source: US D.O.T.].

Even though most autos are transported on an open auto shipping carrier, officials from Toyota and Ford stated that their new autos are typically delivered to the dealerships damage free between 99.7% and 99.88% of the time. Auto shipping drivers have incentives to deliver the vehicles on time as well as in the same condition they picked it up in. Some automakers use a plastic wrap to protect the entire vehicle or sensitive areas. Heavy tarps mounted on the trailer sides can protect the lower vehicles against road debris. If you are transporting a classic or collectible car, luxury vehicle or rare exotic sports car, you may opt for enclosed auto shipping. This insures that the vehicle will not be exposed to any road debris or weather elements.

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