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All You Need to Know About Luxury Auto Transport

Luxury Auto Transport

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Luxury Auto Transport

When you’re contemplating temporarily moving or relocating across the country and you’ve got a luxury car that you must transport as well, it may be best if you choose an enclosed transport. Utilizing an enclosed transport will run about $400 – $500 more than using an open car carrier truck or trailer option. Both type of Luxury Auto Transport will ensure a safe delivery however an enclosed luxury auto transport will safeguard your luxury car against any harsh weather conditions and road debris. There are pros and cons for either option but depending on the value of your luxury car, you may recognize that your needs and the value of your car surpass the extra cost for an enclosed luxury auto transport. At VIP Auto Shipping, we are a luxury auto transport company that ships cars cross country. Our Luxury auto transport services offer both enclosed and open shipping.

Are you a proud owner of a luxury car and concerned about getting it to the destination point safely? You may feel weighed down, confused and not know where to start.

Here’s a checklist to make it a little easier and clearer to understand.

  • When you’re moving; the weather conditions are an significant element in making your decision on the type of transport you’ll want use. Allowing a professional Luxury Auto Transport driver deliver your car, you’ll have the option to decide on an enclosed or open auto transport car carrier.
  • Call VIP Auto Shipping at (800) 396-8969 for quotes and advice.
  • Our Luxury Auto Transport company is licensed, bonded and insured for a $1,000,000 per truck.
  • When your auto shipping driver arrives at the pick-up location, you’ll be with them as the driver fills out the loading bill, which includes a condition report about your vehicle. Be sure not to sign the condition report if you’re not in agreement with it.
  • Be sure to check the vehicle at delivery and note if any damage occurred and compare it to the delivery report. Once you sign it off, it’s difficult to make an insurance claim for damage which you didn’t notice at the delivery time.

If you keep all of the above in mind, it’s rather simple to transport your luxury auto across the nation. When you have informed yourself enough and made the proper arrangements you can rest well without worries during your flight, while at the same time your auto is being delivered to your new home.