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All You Need to Know Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed Car Shipping

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  • About Enclosed Car Shipping
  • Treating your Car Right!

Enclosed Car Shipping

Car shipping businesses have the ability to use an Enclosed Car Shipping carrier corresponding to your needs and preferences. Open auto shipping carriers are open along the sides, the top and carry up to 10 cars. Open auto carriers are the the common, basic car transport standard unless you have specifically asked for an Enclosed Auto Shipping transport. At VIP Auto Shipping, we offer open and Enclosed Auto Shipping. We always offer you quotes for both methods of car transport.

Enclosed Car shipping carriers are auto moving trailers or trucks which are completely enclosed on all sides. most of our clients and customers use them for their exotic sports cars, luxury vehicles, vintage and classic cars, virtually anyone who wants to preserve and have the best care taken in regards to their auto shipping. Using enclosed auto shipping transporters protects the vehicles from road debris, dirt and dust along with other possible damage that can occur when shipping a vehicle on an open carrier. They’re commonly used for show cars such as muscle cars, classic cars and low riders. Enclosed auto shipping can cost 30-40% more than an open carrier depending on the total distance of the car being shipped. To request an Enclosed auto shipping quote speak to one of our Car Shipping Specialists. We will be happy to quote you on both enclosed auto shipping and open carrier car shipping.

Enclosed Car Shipping = Treating your Car Right !

Now that you know the difference between open carrier auto transport and Enclosed Auto Shipping. Remember, enclosed car shipping means your car will be shipped in an enclosed truck or trailer that allows it to be moved or shipped free from the grime and dust of the highways. With just a small cost increase, you’ll have this service and in turn, you’ll know your car will have the advantages of traveling securely and safely. Usually individuals who want to have their customized or classic cars shipped, they’ll opt for this premium service but be sure you know that anybody may request enclosed car shipping. VIP Auto Shipping does offer a complete transportation solution for the transportaion of your beloved auto. We are committed and devoted to the care and delivery of your car and have the experience and skill of Enclosed Car Shipping. Discovering the best methods of Enclosed Auto Shipping alongside with providing top notch customer service, we consistently deliver beloved autos day after day.