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All You Need to Know About Luxury Car Shipping

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Luxury Car Shipping

Think about hiring a Luxury Car Shipping firm if you’ve got a luxury vehicle like a Ferrari or a Bugatti which you’re in need of shipping it from one state to another. Luxury Car Shipping companies are experts at transporting expensive and rare autos and can transport your car a lot more safely and lower priced than a common auto shipping company would be able to. As a Luxury Car Shipping company that transports luxury and exotic cars, VIP Auto Shipping offers door-to-door service and can transport your car to nearly any destination within the USA for a reasonable price.

The Definition of Luxury Car Shipping

By definition, a luxury car can be a high-performance, high-end, exotic vehicle. Luxury cars usually feature customized functions that are not commonly found in mass-produced vehicles. A few examples of luxury cars include Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari cars. Depending on the model, an luxury/exotic vehicle may sometimes cost over a $1,000,000 to purchase.

Most Luxury Car Shipping companies utilize enclosed truck/trailer auto carriers to move cars. Enclosed carriers are always more expensive than typical open carriers, which are commonly used to ship most vehicles. However, enclosed auto carriers serve to protect cars better from road debris, weather conditions and grime during the luxury auto transport compared to uncovered and open carriers. Most importantly, while common auto transporters typically will use ramps to load and unload cars, while Luxury Car Shipping companies use lift gates. This prevents the undercarriage of luxury cars from getting damaged while it is driven up or down the loading ramp. Many of the trucks used to transport luxury cars are often double-deckers, as each deck able to hold one car. Luxury Car Shipping companies at time, ship exotic vehicles in single containers if a customer specifically requests one.

Luxury cars are an expensive asset, so it is essential to make certain that any firm you choose to ship your car has the required insurance to recover any accidental damage costs during the shipping. You also may want to talk with your insurance firm to see if they are willing to extend your coverage on the vehicle during transit. Having additional protection is certainly a good idea for anybody interested in Luxury Car Shipping.

Luxury cars are a joy to drive and own, but getting them transported at times can be stressful. You can reduce at least some of the stress by hiring VIP Auto Shipping a Luxury Car Shipping company to do the job for you.