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All You Need to Know About Military Car Shipping

Military Car Shipping

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Military Car Shipping

As trained car shipping experts, we at VIP Auto Shipping specialize in Military Car Shipping. Proudly servicing the United States Armed Forces, and recognizing that military personnel are often required to move about the country, and where the soldiers go, many times their vehicles must as well. No soldier wants to be confined to the base, or have to “bum” a ride from someone, so the convenience of having your car there during the times when you are not on duty and want to get around town or take a trip off base. This is where VIP Auto Shipping “shines”! We provide reliable, safe, affordable car shipping services. VIP Military Car Shipping has been doing military auto moving for years so we have a great amount of skill and experience in transporting vehicles across the United Sates. We are certainly aware of the particular needs of our men and women in the military, so let Shipping Your Car focus on the safety of your vehicle during transport, so you can focus on your job, the safety of our country!

Military Personnel require Quality Car Shipping

AsDedicating and investing your life to protection of our country both here and around the world. When you are given an assignment, and have been asked to relocate to a new base, you have a lot of planning and moving details to determine. Including how you’re going to get your car across the coast maybe. We at VIP Auto Shipping are experienced experts at Military Car Shipping. We take the annoyance out of transporting your car. Whether you have a SUV, VAN, car or truck , we’ll make sure that your vehicle is transported safely and secure. The experienced car transporters and truck drivers are prepared for your military re-assignment in addition the carriers are proficient with the Department of Transportation government regulations for all states. Whether you need your car transported interstate or coast to coast, let us handle all of the details.