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All You Need to Know About Vintage Car Shipping

Vintage Car Shipping

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Vintage Car Shipping

Shipping a vintage or exotic classic car requires skill, experience and extra care. We understand that the owners of vintage, antique, exotic, or luxury cars must be assured that their collectible is in good hands and that the company and drivers involved in the shipping know how to safely and skillfully handle any problems or issues that may arise. They additionally must be assured that if anything happens to their car, which often they have spent large sums of money and time on, that there is in place an insurance policy to handle any damage that may have been caused while the vehicle was in the care of the Vintage Car Shipping company.

We highly recommended shipping vintage cars in an enclosed trailer ( car carrier ) that will protect the vehicles(s) from the elements such as as dust, road debris and grime! Having these measures in place can alleviate a lot of stress and allow the car owner to focus on other things related to the move, rather than worrying that at any moment they will find out that their precious vehicle has been damaged. Although most people don’t realize what kind of stress can go along with handling their car over to a Vintage Car Shipping company, owners of rare, restored, or luxury cars do.

At VIP Auto Shipping, we know how much money, time, and effort owners of vintage and exotic cars have invested in their cars. That recognition enables us to comprehend the true piece of art that we are being trusted with and that’s why utilizing only the best enclosed Vintage Car Shipping company in the industry. We are bonded, licensed and insured to move your high valued vintage cars and we strictly use only the most experienced transporters – who have a reputation of honesty and reliability and have proved themselves within our company – to ship your most valuable cargo.

You will be comfortable with your decision of hiring us, knowing that your vehicle is insured for any damage, being handled with care in an enclosed transport truck/trailer, and that your vintage car will arrive on schedule. No matter what the transporters may encounter during the transport of your vintage car, you know that you are receiving the best protection that money can buy.

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