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Article: American Auto Shippers

American Auto Shippers

American Auto Shippers

VIP Auto Shipping one of the few leading American Auto Shippers, serving all 48 of the continental United States. It’s undoubtedly no surprise that selecting a business to complete your American auto shippers job can be a daunting process that results in stress, worry and discouragement, but worry not because VIP is here to remove those troubles and get the job finished. Consider us the Advil of this industry – headache free.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients’ satisfaction is our best quality, since this helps future clients decide if they are selecting a great company or not. It’s a proven fact people won’t use the same company twice if their first experience with them was lousy. With VIP American Auto Shippers, not only do our customers use us more than once, but they also refer their friends, family and coworkers for their vehicle transport jobs.

There are a couple of very clear ways that we stand out from the crowd of other American auto shippers.

  • 1. Our dispatch office is completely staffed with representatives working around the clock to handle every transport curve-ball that comes their way. Each of our team members are friendly, experienced and dedicated to handling each shipment detail with the utmost care. The dispatch agent that helped you place your order will be the one handling your shipment details throughout the entire process. Getting in touch with your agent is as easy as calling their direct extension or emailing them!
  • 2. Our American auto shippers drivers have been in the business for as long as we have, if not longer! They’re skilled, experienced and love what they do; treating each vehicle as if it were their own. Your vehicle will remain on the same truck with the same driver and will be fully insured as well as handled by a completely licensed and bonded driver. Your personal driver will provide you with a bill of lading at each end of the transport, ensuring that the vehicle remains in expected condition.
  • 3. Not all American auto shippers offer door-to-door delivery. Rather than having to meet your American auto shippers at inconvenient, out-of-the-way locations, with VIP all you have to do is sit back and wait. We’ll send one of our driver to the exact location where the vehicle is and load it up righ then and then. The same thing applies to the delivery. This service is included at no additional cost.
  • 4. Our quotes are given with one intention – to transport your vehicle. Often times, American auto shippers give out quotes that are too low to get a driver’s attention. Meaning, that the vehicle isn’t going to move – usually this causes delays in the customer’s schedule, and plans falling apart. With out competitive rates, we guarantee to move your vehicle within the time frame that you want, headache-free.