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Article: Auto Movers

Auto Movers

Auto Movers

Should you have determined that you want your car shipped and are now in the process of comparing auto movers, keep these tips in mind.

Honest and Reputable

Aside from our families and homes, our vehicles are a really significant part of our lives. When speaking with various auto movers, be sure that you’re not getting the run-around. With VIP Auto Shipping, we ensure that the proper information is provided by each of our dispatch representatives. It’s important to make sure that all of your questions are answered from the beginning.

An honest, reliable and reputable business won’t ever cause their clients to feel forced into making a decision right then and there. Often times, auto movers give quotes that are extremely low to entice the client into agreeing to pick that company as their auto movers of choice. The end consequence of this kind of lowball quote is the reason why it’s always great to understand what the “going rate” is, rather than trying to get it done at the “best” rate. A good way to make sure you’re receiving the right price is to ask what other vehicles are moving along this route at and how much those vehicles are moving for. VIP auto movers will make sure that you understand just why your quote is the amount that it is.

Bonded and Certified

Auto movers should always be licensed and bonded through the Department of Transportation, as well as offer full coverage during shipment. This will ensure that your car will be completely covered by the auto movers insurance during the entire transport.

When you place your auto movers order with VIP Auto Shipping, we offer you the option to receive a copy of the driver’s insurance through mail, fax or email.

Transport Options

Auto movers that you are doing research on should have different transport methods and alternatives open for their clients to choose from. These options should include:

  • Open Transport Trailers
  • Enclosed Transport Trailers
  • Flatbed Transport Trailers
  • Towing Services

These transportation options may change the price quote.

Expedited Service

Although our auto movers ask for at least 14 days prior notice to arrange for a headache-free shipment, coordinate the route, assign a driver and meet deadlines, we are still able to complete shipments that are more short notice. This type of service is called and Expedited shipment, which is something that many auto movers don’t offer. In order to set proper expectations and provide an accurate quote, make sure that you inform your dispatch agent beforehand if you are in need of an expedited shipment.