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Article: Auto Shippers

Auto Shippers

Auto Shippers

This is a term used to define businesses that ship vehicles state-wide or world-wide. Some Auto shippers are carriers and others are brokers. A commonly asked question is, what’s the difference between auto shippers that are brokers and auto shippers that are direct carriers? Direct carrier auto shippers own their trucks and are generally limited in the amount of work they are able to provide by the amount of haulers they have and the routes in which they do shipments. Although brokers generally do not own their own trucks, it’s something that is actually beneficial in the sense that they are able to provide more services as well as a more flexible schedule to meet the needs of many different types of customer.

Below, we will review a few of things that VIP Auto Shippers offer.

VIP Auto Shippers | A Broker

While doing research on auto shippers, you’ll find that brokers are the most common type of vehicle transport company. As of very recent times, brokers have slowly diminished due to a higher need for auto transport services that they were not able to keep up with or provide.

VIP Auto Shipping has been successful for many years as a broker. Each of our quotes are customized and designed to fit each customers’ individual needs and timeframes. Once a quote has been provided, if the customer wishes to proceed with the process, a contract will be provided to the customer to confirm every detail of the shipment process and the shipment itself. This contract will confirm the dates that the auto shippers will be picking up the vehicle as well as an estimated date as to when the vehicle will be delivered at its final destination.

Each of our auto shippers in our dispatch office are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Every driver we assign to our transport jobs are highly experienced, fully insured and completely licensed and bonded.

Auto Shippers Services

Reliable auto shippers should be able to offer you a wide range of services to choose from, in order to fit your particular needs and wants.

Open Carrier: Open carriers are the most commonly used vehicle for transportation. This is mainly to do with them being more affordable. Enclosed Carrier: An enclosed carrier system offers the most protection available to vehicles in transit. There are two types of enclosed car carriers – hard-sided and soft-sided. Each of them will keep the vehicle from being exposed to external elements such as wind and extreme weather conditions. This type of transport vehicle is generally more expensive and used for exotic, luxury or classic cars. Door-to-door Delivery: Often times, auto shippers will ask for their customers to meet their drivers at locations that are out of the way and inconvenient, in order to load and unload the vehicle. With VIP Auto Shipping, our driver will pick the vehicle up from the exact location that it’s at, and drop it off as close to the front door on the other end as possible. We call this service door-to-door, which is included in every quote that we give at no additional charge.