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Article: Car Shippers

Car Shippers

Car Shippers

Car shippers is a term used to define businesses that transportation vehicles either statewide or globally. So, what's the big difference between car shippers that are carriers or brokers? Carriers usually own and operate their own trucks and haulers, whereas brokers do not. Carrier car shippers are known to get most of their jobs from brokers.

Car Shippers | Brokers

A car shippers brokerage is the most typical kind of transport company that you’ll come across. Nowadays, there aren’t very many carriers. The reason for this may be that since the demand for car shippers has risen, drivers have decided that there is more money to be made working for other businesses (brokers) rather than just one (carrier).

VIP Auto Shipping is a brokerage. You'll get a quote based on your own needs and timeframe. Yet another advantage of picking car shippers which are brokers is they can have a tendency to have more expertise. A carrier will most likely be restricted in the number of trucks they have to carry vehicles with. This may also limit them in how much they are prepared to take in each load as well as the distances in which they are willing to travel. However, car shippers that are brokers are almost always working on a national basis.

Car Shippers | Services

All car shippers should offer their clients variety and freedom because no two transports are the same. Every customer deserves to have a shipment that’s tailored to their particular needs and time frame. Listed are a number of the options a reputable and dependable vehicle shipping company should offer.

  • Open Carrier Services -This is the most frequently employed system of transport – mainly due to it being the most affordable and available.
  • Enclosed Carrier Services - This process of auto transport is generally not picked unless the client's vehicle falls into a special category that would require better coverage such as a classic, exotic, race or sentimental car.
  • Door-to-door Delivery - A place for pick up as well as delivery will be arranged with the primary contact at the time that the order is placed. The driver will pick the vehicle up as close to the front door of the pickup address as possible; and do the same at the time of delivery.

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