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Article: Classic Auto Transport

Classic Auto Transport

Classic Auto Transport

Our classic auto transport services are an awesome reminder to us of how grateful we are to be doing what we love. Owners of these amazing automobiles spend endless hours and lots of money restoring classic cars and showing them off to friends, family and at car shows. Moving these prized, classic possessions is truly a joy.

Why Ship?

Classic auto transport from one state to another happens for many different reasons. Nowadays, it seems as if purchasing a car online through a private seller, car auction or dealership is the norm. Selling a car online is very common as well. In addition the cost of the vehicle itself, new owners often have to consider how they’re going to get the vehicle to its new location. Rather than spending more money on the cost of a plane flight to where the vehicle is, hotels, food and gas – as well as the potential risk of driving a class car long distances – just hire VIP for your classic auto transport. This method will save you time and money as well as unnecessary mileage and wear and tear.

Even if you are able to afford the trip financially, and have time to take off from work to enjoy the road trip home, it’s definitely safer to have a professional driver take care of your classic auto transport. Save yourself the headache, the money and the time.

Classic Auto Transport Advice

Throughout the process of your classic auto transport, VIP will stay in touch with you, keeping you updated on the status of your shipment. The dispatch expert that places your order will call you every 48 hours to let you know how everything is going – before and after the vehicle is picked up. You will also be provided with the driver’s information such as name and cell phone number. From the very beginning of your classic auto transport process you will be fully informed and updated. You will be able to contact your representative or driver at any time.


  • Remove your belongings: The driver is not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle, nor does the insurance cover them.
  • Tires: You may want to consider removing white-walled tires and putting regular ones on to avoid them getting dirty.
  • Insured: Your vehicle will be covered by full insurance. The contact at the pick up and delivery end will receive a bill of lading that must be signed before the vehicle is loaded or unloaded. This allows a current upkeep on the condition of the vehicle.