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Article: Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport

Classic Car Transport

It’s simple to locate classic car transport services online, but are you sure you’re picking a trustworthy company? It’s critical to choose a business that’s knowledgeable about exotic, collector or classic car transport so that your every need can be met. A classic car transport company should be able to provide their clients the option to choose between an enclosed or an open trailer. Although, enclosed trailers are always recommended for classic car transport jobs, in order to avoid damages at all costs.


Often times, customers choose to go with the classic car transport company that gave them the “best” price. In this industry, the best price isn’t always the price that’ll get the job done. The question that should be asked is, “Is this the right price?” The reason for this is because, unfortunately, there are companies in this industry that give customers what has been coined as a “lowball” quote, which is essentially a quote that sounds appealing in price, but is too low to actually get the job done. This almost always results in customers’ plans falling apart and them eventually having to add more money to the quote in order to rush the process and get the job done within the timeframe that they need.

With VIP Auto Shipping, we take pride in being upfront with our customers. Our dispatch team will never give a customer a lowball quote. Our quotes are given under one intention and that is to move your car. Make sure that the prices you’re getting sound accurate. Ask questions if you need to, but settle for the wrong quote if you’re looking for a headache-free shipment.

What Type of Trailer

Choosing what type of trailer you’d like your classic car transport to take place on is something that should be decided before obtaining a quote. Once you speak with a dispatch representative, let them know what type of trailer you’d like, so that cost can be factored into the quote.

Usually, an enclosed trailer is what customers choose for their classic car transport simply because it provide the most protection. Most classic cars are vintage, antique or highly sentimental and need to be handled with the most care possible. No matter what year, make or model your classic car is, we can get the job done. Even if it is non-operational.

Total Coverage

No matter what type of trailer you choose to complete your classic car transport in, it will be fully insured by our driver’s insurance. A complete bill of lading will be provided at the pick-up end as well as the delivery end to ensure that your car will arrive in the condition that it was picked up in. In addition, your driver and your dispatch representative will stay in touch with you every 48 hours and keep you updated throughout your entire shipment.