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Article: Exotic Car Transport

Exotic Car Transport

Exotic Car Transport

High-end, exotic car transport ought to be done one way, and that’s the right way. Exotic car transport demands additional attention, thought and expertise than a regular auto shipment, which is something that other companies can’t provide. With VIP Auto Shipping, exotic car transport isn’t work – it’s our favorite hobby.

The owners of these precious automobiles must make sure that their car is in great hands. They also need to be sure that each person that handles their exotic car transport has got the expertise and skills that are needed to manage the job correctly as well as fully understand that they’re entirely responsible for any problems or issues that may occur. When an exotic car transport is taking place over long distances, such as from coast to coast, these precautions must be met.

An Enclosed Trailer

Typically, exotic car transport jobs are done on an enclosed trailer. This ensures a safer transfer. Quite often, these types of cars are getting transported from an auto auction, car dealer or to car shows. That’s why an enclosed trailer is consistently and highly advised, to keep the car from being subjected to weather conditions or other external variables.

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Stress-Free Service

We remove any unnecessary nervousness or hesitation and replace it with assurance in your choice of going with VIP Auto Shipping. It’s as easy as staying in touch with our customers, providing them with updates on their shipment and always keeping a clear, open line of communication between you and us. Finding a trustworthy and reliable exotic car transport company is crucial when making sure that your car will be handled with as much care as possible. Whether this is a short trip or a cross-country journey, you deserve quality service.

Our 100% customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself. We’re proud to say that we have a flawless reputation in meeting each of our customers’ needs and deadlines. Don’t forget to refer a friend or family member and save on your next shipment!

We guarantee that you’ll never second-guess your decision of choosing our company. With over 20 years of experience and a undying love for what we do, it’s no wonder that we’re #1 in the industry with repeat customers that have been around for almost as long as we have.