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Article: Auto Shipping Quotes

Auto Shipping Quotes

Vehicle Shipping Quotes

Vehicle shipping quotes should be given quickly, easily and without any pressure to make a decision right away. Most of all, vehicle shipping quotes should be free. A quote is established by a few different things. Once you call and talk with a dispatch representative about obtaining a quote, you’ll be expected to provide these details about your potential shipment.

  • The model, make and year of your vehicle
  • Whether it’s an operational or nonoperational vehicle
  • In the case that it is nonoperational, the vehicle will need to roll, steer and brake
  • Whether or not there has been any modifications made to the vehicle such as lifted, lowered, camper shell, rims, oversized tires, etc.
  • The zip codes in which the vehicle will be picked up and dropped off
  • A window in which you’re planning on having the vehicle picked up and delivered

How Vehicle Shipping Quotes Work

Once your dispatch representative has the information above, a quote will be generated through a centralized database that each and every auto transportation company uses. This will guarantee that the quote given is accurate, competitive and based on the going rate to ensure that you vehicle will be moved. It’s always advised to compare vehicle shipping quotes in order to avoid lowball quotes. A lowball quote is a very low quote given to customers with the intention of saving them money, whereas in reality lowball quotes are never enough money to actually transport the vehicle and the customer eventually ends up paying more later on down the road to hurry up and get it done.

Vehicle shipping quotes are available for all types of shipments.

  • Classic, luxury, custom, sentimental, family, sport, and race cars
  • Open and enclosed trailers
  • Expedited shipments
  • Current or future shipment options
  • Door-to-door delivery service

Vehicle Shipping Quotes for Special Pickups

Vehicle Shipping quotes are available for general public shipments as well as auctions, dealerships, military and vets as well as private sellers. If you need vehicle shipping quotes for pick-up that isn’t residential, make sure to let your dispatch representative know. If you’re in the military, or a retired vet, be sure to ask about how you can receive a discount on your quote.

Nationwide Vehicle Shipping Quotes

The mileage distance between the pick up and drop off locations is going to be the main thing that determines your vehicle shipping quotes, along with how common that particular route is traveled. No matter where you vehicle is, our vehicle shipping quotes include door-to-door delivery at no additional cost.

Each of these things will be discussed and arranged with your dispatch agent at the time that the order is placed.