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Article: Vehicle Shipping Rates

Vehicle Shipping Rates

Vehicle Shipping Rates

Vehicle shipping rates are uncomplicated to get, but are you getting the right ones? One of the main things that help an auto transportation company establish the cost of the quote is the route by which your vehicle will travel to get to its new location.

The Vehicle Shipping Rates Procedure

The experts at VIP Auto Shipping get estimates from a database on the internet. Every auto transportation company has access to this database – which is where the all past, current and future shipments are tracked. This system determines a quote based on the distance between the city in which your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off, as well as the commonality of the route and the amount of time that you are giving the company to complete the job.

How to Acquire Vehicle Shipping Rates

Obtaining vehicle shipping rates can be as simple as filling out our online quote form and submitting it for a totally free, instant quote. Or, call in and speak to one of our expert dispatch representatives about the best rate for you and your vehicle. Whichever way you decide to obtain your vehicle shipping rates, you will need to be prepared to provide some basic information in regards to your shipment.

This information may include:

  • The year, make and model of your automobile
  • An estimated timeframe in which you are looking to have it shipped
  • The current condition of the vehicle, and whether or not it is operational
  • Rough dimensions of the vehicle such as height, length, width and weight
  • The pick-up and drop off zip codes
  • Basic contact information for the pick-up and drop off locations such as the address, a name and a phone number for who will be signing off on the vehicle

Why Should You Compare Vehicle Shipping Rates?

While making phone calls to multiple auto transportation companies, you may find that the quotes and prices you are given vary from each other. You may also find that some of them are very low. Often times, vehicle shipping rates are based off of the types of trucks and trailers that particular company has available. An example may be, if an auto transport company only has an enclosed trailer, their quote for you may be a lot higher than a company that has an open trailer available for your shipment. In additional to this, there are two types of auto transport companies – brokerages and direct carriers. Direct carriers own and operate their own trucks, which often means that their quotes will be higher due to having limited resources. A broker on the other hand, is a company that does not own their trucks, therefor meaning that they subcontract and do transportations with drivers all over the country; which usually results in a more affordable quote.

Determining the difference between your vehicle shipping rates is crucial in understanding how to get the best service for your particular shipment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and call around.