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All You Need to Know About Cross Country Car Transport

Cross Country Car Transport

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Cross Country Auto Transport

VIP Auto Shipping is a Cross Country Auto Transport service company that ships cars throughout the lower 48 US states. Many auto shipping companies in the car moving business service the whole USA, so makes us extraordinary? We are distinct because of our quality of service with Cross Country Auto Transport. Typically in the Cross Country Auto Transport industry customers have either had or knows somebody that has had a less than perfect experience. Often customers are mislead in regards to the cost and call many Cross Country Auto Transport companies trying to find the least expensive company move their car. Regrettably it’s regularly these individuals who commonly have the unfavorable experience.

Commonly what can occur when you’re “shopping to get a better deal” is that the dispatch customer service rep will feel the pressure to give the customer a “discount” in order to sign up with them. Bear in mind, that this so-called “discount” gets passed down to the driver. Cross Country Auto Transport services that routinely do this commonly have a lousy reputation and horrible reviews, so it pays-off to do your research. Provided that the company you’re working with is a Cross Country Auto Transport broker, that discount can in many cases, bump your car. What this means is that if the driver gets a higher/better paying vehicle, he’ll cancel/bump the pick-up of your vehicle. Quite often this is why Cross Country Auto Transport companies say “1-7 business days for pickup” because they know that if the first driver finds something paying more they need to have a backup.

We have a different method setup. We have Cross Country Auto Transport drivers who we have established relationships with. These drivers are skilled, experienced and reliable and because of our founded relationship with them, will treat your vehicle as if it were one of their own. We certainly aren’t the cheapest Cross Country Auto Transport service, but our track record for customer service and quality is the thing we pride ourselves on. With any Cross Country Auto Transport, customers basically want their car to be transported in an expected time without delays. After using a less costly untrustworthy transport service, customers have found that the money they saved isn’t worth the money they saved because of the stressed they experienced.