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Exotic Car Transportation

Exotic Car Transport

Regardless of whether you own a Lamborghini, Bentley, or Porsche, VIP Auto Shipping offers exotic car transportation in the event that you’re planning a move or transporting your car to a show. Understandably these types of vehicles are not the kind you’re going to want to drive across the country, in the event that you’re moving from Beverly Hills to Miami. Exotic car transportation requires special attention and care to details in many factors. With VIP Auto Shipping, you may will have peace of mind knowing that your exotic car will make it from pick-up to delivery without a hiccup. Our exotic car transportation specialists are very skilled and experienced. They know the best highways, roads and routes to take in order to avoid potential problems with unsafe road conditions and weather issues. We do everything we can to make sure that your vehicle is being well taken care of during it’s complete transportation. We make transporting your exotic car simple and convenient. Call one of our specialists today to find out just how affordable and straightforward we can make the auto transport process.

Auto Transport For Exotic Cars

Auto transport for exotics

Jason recently bought a convertible “65 Shelby GT500 and planned on moving from Austin to Hollywood to play in an up and coming blues band in the LA area. Driving the almost 1400 mile trip is one thing in a regular car, but with an exotic car, you won’t want to make that long drive. He would have put a ton of miles on the car, but also may have run the risk of experiencing car trouble. Or perhaps having rocks off the road bounce up and dent and chip his “baby”. Instead, Jason hired us, VIP Auto Shipping to ship his car for him. All the vehicles we transport are insured by the carrier, so he had nothing to worry about. Plus he chose to use an enclosed car carrier. Most of our customers who ship exotic cars choose to use our enclosed shipping option – the question lies, why would you let your exotic car become covered with dust from the road, dirt, and other possible grime? Enclosed shipping provides an even safer, more secure way for your exotic car to get to where it needs to go.

Vip Auto Shipping Exotic Car Transportation

Vip Exotic Car Transport

Many of our customers use our Exotic Car Transportation services to transport their exotic cars. They may have just bought the car off of eBay and need it shipped to their home, or might be participating in a car show and don’t want to drive their Exotic Car all the way there. In other words, Vip Auto Shipping knows exotic car transportation. We have built a successful business on our ability, skill and experience, and by knowing and recognizing this as you choose us for your auto transport needs, you’ll be delighted.