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The Scoop On How To Ship A Car!

How To Ship A Car

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Ship A Car

If you have a long distance move ahead or you are selling / buying a car over the internet, you’ll be asking yourself how are you going to get your car transported from point A to point B. Shipping a car is simple, as the auto transport company you choose will take care of nearly everything. There are several important things that you should expect when shipping a car.

Step By Step Instructions |


1) Call VIP Auto Shipping to arrange and discuss costs, insurance and length of time the transport will take. Calling early in advance helps you book your shipment by making it easier for the company to be able to meet your scheduling needs.

2)Arrange the pick up at your residence, nearby, or if you have signed up for door-to-door service. Otherwise, meet the car mover at a specified location. This could be at any time of the day however, you will usually receive a call from the pick-up company within 24 hours of when the car mover will arrive.

3) Watch the driver perform the first inspection for your “Bill of Landing.” This will elaborate what condition the auto is in at the time of pickup.

4) Wait as your car is in route from your original location to it’s destination. The time frame will vary from company to company, but cross country transports generally can take one to two weeks.

5) Meet the auto shipping driver at your home or nearest available location for delivery. Just as before, this can happen at any time of day, so you will likely receive a call from the company within 24 hours of your car’s arrival.

6) Monitor and Observe as the driver does the last inspection for your “Bill of Landing”. This will detail what condition the car is in when it arrives at the destination and any new damages that may have happened along the journey.

7) Sign off on your “Bill of Landing” and enjoy driving your car now that you’ve learned how to ship a car.